• Queensland is the Skin Cancer Capital of the World.
  • Melanoma is the single most common cause of cancer deaths in Queensland.
  • MoleScreen has state of the art diagnostic and monitoring equipment.
  • We were the first Skin Cancer Clinic in Brisbane and Queensland, established in 1997.
  • We only ever operate in the patients best interest.
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What we do

Are you maximising your chances of avoiding Skin Cancer in Brisbane?

Molescan BrisbaneMoleScreen was established in 1997 as Brisbane’s first and most innovative Skin Cancer Clinic, investing in very rare high end Mole Scan technology in order to fight the epidemic of Skin Cancer throughout Queensland that has led to Queensland being known as the skin cancer capital of the world. Ian Johnson’s experience in monitoring, diagnosing and treating skin cancer is unrivaled in Brisbane and the clinic’s investment in PDT equipment as well as their highly innovative SkinMap technology means that MoleScreen continues to stay ahead in both technology and experience, saving and helping thousands of Brisbane people every year.

Molescan BrisbaneThere are many mole clinics in Brisbane but Molescreen offers a very high quality service that monitors in great detail your body including areas that most Skin Cancer Clinics in Brisbane do not consider such as the top of the head and the soles of the feet, as you may be surprised to know these 2 areas can develop deadly carcinomas. A visit to MoleScreen will give you piece of mind that you will not get elsewhere as the Molescreen team fight a daily battle to rid Brisbane of Basal Cell Carcinomas and other Malignant melanomas.

Did you know that Melanoma is the commonest cause of cancer deaths of people under 40 in Queensland? Did you know all Australians should have regular yearly checks for Skin Cancer from their mid 20’s. We do not restrict appointments in the way other clinics do as we believe in a thorough body audit for all our clients and everybody is different. We store baseline images to monitor changes in the skin allowing us to spot carcinomas and melanomas at an early stage and treat accordingly. Almost all treatments and mole removals are carried out onsite though we only remove a mole when it is absolutely necessary.

To come and see Ian and his team today , you will find the Molescreen Skin Cancer clinic at 4 Suez St Gordon Park QLD 4031 Australia, there is plenty of local parking available.

Call today on 07 3862 3144 and maximise your chances of not becoming another Queensland Skin Cancer statistic.