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  • Melanoma is the single most common cause of cancer deaths in Queensland.
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  • We were the first Skin Cancer Clinic in Brisbane and Queensland, established in 1997.
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The treatment of sunspots,Bowens disease,Thin BCC’s

by admin on May 11, 2011

PDT with metvix is very powerful when used by specialists

Having been operating Photodynamic therapy technology for several years we consider ourselves well placed to offer strong advice on what PDT can and cannot do. Its treatment of Bowens disease,sunspots,thin basal cell carcinomas and general sun damaged skin is highly effective. Combined with Metvix cream (methyl aminolevulinate) using an Aktilyte lamp which is specifically designed to activate Metvix, it is great at resetting the clock after skin cancer surgery to minimize the risk of more cancer. To this end here is a powerpoint presentation we put together that takes a deeper look at what Metvix with PDT does and how it can help certain patients.

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If you need an overview on what PDT can do you should watch the video below:

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